In summary, Chris brings a rare combination of experience and understanding to the world of attractions (particularly around admission value), loyalty and pricing, and feels that by properly pricing attractions, markets can be expanded, revenues increased, capacity controlled and guests better served. 

Withinscope is a boutique consulting agency that focuses on a better understanding of pricing to allow companies to improve the Customer Experience.

Within Scope

Chris Kelly

His passion and belief for the importance of sports until he married in 2003 was his DNA.. Before starting college he'd been a tennis ball boy @ age 12, managed a driving range and taught tennis by 16 and had became a certified Ski coach by 17., At college he hosted a Sports Radio show, ushered Jays games in the summer and taught tennis to under privileged Toronto youth. Upon graduation, he ran a squash and fitness club and managed 80 volunteers while running the NFL Experience to help qualify his resume to be of value to a professional sports team.

Thanks to his 20 plus years of experience with Maple Leaf Sports, Tennis Canada, AudienceView (ticketing software), Medcan (Healthcare), Smartsports (Personal Seat license transactions), Exchange Solutions (loyalty), Mercury Communications (fundraising) and Digonex (pricing) he believes the customer should pay the market price and loyalty should be rewarded. 

Founded in 2001. Smartsports was created to give individuals and corporations a safe channel to buy and sell Personal Seat Licenses at the Air Canada Centre. Today Smartsports/WithinScope helps teams and fans understand the new ticket market place forever changed by the web.

Welcome to the web page for Withinscope.ca and Smartsports.ca. Withinscope is about improving the customer experience and Smartsports is about understanding everything you need to know about sports tickets.