Founded in 2001 with the idea being that it was time for individuals and corporations to better understand how to use, what to buy and all the options to obtain sports tickets which are best for you. The Personal Seat License became the quickest avenue for new ticket holders to obtain premium seats by allowing the original ticket holders an option to transfer seats without adhering to waiting list or upgrade guidelines that had previously controlled the process with most sports franchisees. 

 Since inception Smartsports has transferred more then 100 PSL transfers and does so through Harris and Sheafer Solicitors to  ensure all funds are protected during the transfer period. Over the 15 year period not a single transfer has been upheld nor has a buyer or seller had to make any adjustments to the agreed upon price or settlement fee.

 In the last 4 years, Smartsports in conjunction with Withinscope has been in discussions with teams, leagues and software vendors to better understand the new expectations and requirements of the changing sports ticketing and premium seating landscape. Dealing with the emergence of the on line secondary ticket market is a major focus for Smartsports who feel the insight and exposure from this channel is imperative for teams to understand in order to best serve your  Season Seat holder and individual game day purchaser.

Withinscope recently completed a best practice report with insight from 7 leagues and more than 100 team executives around pricing, the secondary market and the emergence of PSL's that was most interesting.

Should you wish to better understand the ticketing landscape in the sports industry please call 416-770-0917 or